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Municipal Development Plan & Land Use Bylaw Review
What is the Municipal Development Plan (MDP)? The MDP is one of the most important documents approved by Lacombe County Council as it sets out a vision for the future development of the County. The MDP provides a comprehensive long term land use policy framework within which present and projected growth and development may take place over a ten year period. What is the Land Use Bylaw (LUB)? The Land Use Bylaw is the regulatory document which outlines specific rules and regulations for the development of land and buildings within the different districts of the County. Every property in the County is zoned under a specific land use district. How are the MDP and the LUB Connected? The MDP is the overarching policy document which forms the big picture concept for the development of the County into the future and the Land Use Bylaw is the MDP’s implementation tool. The LUB deals with the day to day regulations under different zoning districts, for example setting setbacks for buildings from property lines and roads. Consequently, the LUB will be developed at a later stage in the process. Why is Lacombe County reviewing the MDP and LUB? Lacombe County’s current Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw were adopted in 2007. While several amendments have been made to both these documents, it will soon have been a decade since they were both comprehensively reviewed and most of the plans identified in the MDP have been completed. The plans that have been developed are currently guiding growth in the County based on the policies of the current MDP. Therefore the County wants to ensure that its residents are still supportive of the growth strategy that was implemented a decade ago, especially in consideration of a greater public consciousness with regard to environmental management.