Municipal Development Plan & Land Use Bylaw Review
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Where are we in the process?
A message from the Reeve, Paula Law:
On behalf of the elected officials of Lacombe County Council, I would like to thank everyone who has been involved to date in the Lacombe Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw Review. Seven (7) public meetings were held across the County to gather information on how you, the public, would like to see your community grow over the next ten (10) years. A total of 256 community members attended these meetings. This is just the beginning, and now the County would like to present you with strategies and policy options based on the information you provided to achieve the development of a safe and vibrant community. If you did not have the opportunity to attend the last round of public meetings you can still get involved, and for those of you who did, please stay involved. We need your input in order to set out a clear and shared vision for the future development of the County that will ensure we have an attractive, competitive and sustainable place to live for the next decade. Please join us in creating this vision!